The French Minister of Defense assisted to the loading and unloading of the VBCI in the A400M of the French Air Force

VBCI - A400MThe French Minister of Defence, Mr Jean-Yves le Drian, inaugurated Tuesday, 16th of June, the Paris Airshow which is held in Le Bourget until Sunday, the 21th. The Minister notably assisted, on the Airbus booth, to the loading and unloading of the VBCI in the A400M. 630 VBCI (Véhicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie – Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle) are in service in the French Army, which will be able to deploy these vehicles on foreign theatres aboard the A400M of the French Air Force.

Nexter also produces the CAESAR (CAmion Equipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie – Truck equipped with an Artillery System), which can also be transported by air in A400M and C130 aircrafts, thanks to its compactness and reduced weight. Additionally, Nexter is also producing aeronautical products: 30mm cannons (fitted on the Rafale and Mirage aircraft), cannon turrets for helicopters (THL30 fitted on the Tiger helicopter, THL20), the NC621 cannon pod (for helicopters and light aircrafts) and, last but not least, the SH20, a retractable 20mm door mounting, which is being qualified by the DGA (French armament procurement agency) on the Caracal and the upgraded Cougar helicopters.

Nexter presents its know-how in aeronautical systems at the Paris Airshow (booth A6).



Nexter Systems presents the first ARAVIS® in peacekeeping configuration to the Gabonese Minister of Defence

ARAVIS - Maintien de la Paix - Copyright Nexter - CopieVersailles, 16 June 2015 – Today, in Satory, Mr Philippe Burtin, CEO of the Group, presented the first ARAVIS® in peacekeeping configuration to Mr Ernest Mpouho Epigat, Minister of Defence of the Gabonese Republic.

From this autumn, the ordered ARAVIS® vehicles, fitted with ARX®20 remotely operated 20 mm turrets, the PG-Guard anti-RPG protection system and NERVA®LG reconnaissance mini-robots, will equip the Gabonese battalion deployed in the Central African Republic as part of the United Nations MINUSCA mission.

This makes the ARAVIS® the latest Nexter vehicle engaged in a United Nations peacekeeping mission, following in the footsteps of the LECLERC tank, the VBCI and the CAESAR®, all three deployed in Lebanon by French forces as part of UNIFIL.

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SCORPION programme : LECLERC tank renovation launched

LECLERC Copyright Yves DebayThe French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) notified Nexter Systems of the Leclerc tank renovation contract. This order constitutes the third operation launched by the French Ministry of Defence under the SCORPION programme intended to modernise the French Army's contact forces. Valued at approximately €330 million, the contract provides for the delivery of 200 "Renovated Leclerc" tanks and 18 "Renovated DCL" recovery vehicles from 2020.

The planned renovation work will enable the Leclerc to make the best use of its fire power and mobility within future "SCORPION" joint tactical groups (GTIA). Thanks to the development of specific interfaces for the new CONTACT tactical radio system and the SCORPION information and command system (SICS), it will be able to effectively network with all components of future "SCORPION" GTIAs. Moreover, the upgrade of its protection through the development of specific armour kits will enable the Leclerc tank to deal more effectively with new threats, such as improvised explosive devices.

A 3rd generation tank with a high degree of automation and diagnostic assistance, the Leclerc tank currently gives the French land forces "first entry" capability as part of an international coalition. The renovation operation launched aims to maintain this capacity beyond 2040.

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 Scorpion Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle contract awarded to Nexter, RTD and Thales


Varces, December 5, 2014 – On the occasion of its visit in the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade Artillery of Varces (Isère), Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister of Defence, handed the EBMR (Armoured Multi-roles vehicles) market to the CEOs of the GME (temporary consortium) formed by the French companies Nexter Systems, Renault Trucks Defense and Thales. Prepared by the Armament Procurement Agency (DGA), this market plans the development, the manufacturing and the support of the EBMR of the SCORPION program.

Under the EBMR contract, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle GRIFFON and Reconnaissance and Combat Armoured Vehicle JAGUAR will replace respectively on the one hand the VAB, and on the other hand, the AMX10RC, the ERC Sagaie and the VAB Hot, produced in the 70s and 80s and used extensively by the French Army in all theaters of operation for thirty years.

The contract covers all phases of an armament program, from development to unit logistical support through the qualification and production of systems. The GME is committed to the integral performance of the equipment in the long term as well as the operational availability of vehicles in service.

The state of the art innovation and know-how developed by the three companies in the GME in the domains of mobility, protection, weapons and digitization will be integrated in the first SCORPION-approved systems. The effect on the ground for future joint tactical groups (GTIA) equipped with SCORPION EBMR systems will be greatly increased with regard to the previous generation.

This program has a structuring effect for Nexter, RTD and Thales as well as for the French industrial sector that will be nourished by the subcontracting orders from the GME. It will create a thousand jobs in its development phase and 1,700 jobs in its production phase.

Almost 2,000 vehicles, and all associated logistical support equipment, will be delivered to forces from 2018.

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Nexter Systems presents the first ARAVIS® in peacekeeping configuration to the Gabonese Minister of Defence

Nexter Systems presents the first ARAVIS® in peacekeeping configuration to the Gabonese Minister of Defence Versai...