105 LG1


The NATO light towed 105mm gun was especially developed for rapid deployment units. Priority has always been given to ruggedness, ease of implementation and weight reduction.
In operation, the 105LG1 MkIII has proven its unequalled reliability, mobility, maneuverability and firepower. Today, it makes the ideal fire support weapon for troops engaged under all climatic conditions, including on the most difficult terrain and can fire all NATO standard munitions, including the OE-LP G3 from Nexter Munitions, over a range greater than 17km.
Nexter offers a system for the artillery environment (ballistic processor and inertial navigation system) which is simple and adapted to flexible use of the equipment.
The 105LG1 MkIII can be integrated in all firing control systems (all types of C3I system, etc).


- Weight: < 1600 kg
- Transport: by helicopter, air transport (4 canons per C130), air portable, can be towed by a wide range of light 4 x 4 vehicles.
- Gun crew: 5                                                                 
- Inertial navigation system
- Time to put in and out of action: less than 30 seconds
- Firing rate: 12 rounds/minute
- Range: US M1: from 1 to 11 km Nexter OE-LP G3: from 7 to 17 km    

Status:  Qualified by the French Army and in service within numerous foreign Armies.

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